Services Offered

Individual psychology consultations

  • Consultations are available via phone, zoom and in person. Message me via the contact page, and I will call you to discuss your situation and let you know about my availability.

Supervision consultations

  • Consultations are available via zoom and in person. These sessions are designed for Psychologists, Provisional Psychologists (4+2 only) and Counsellors/Therapists to meet regulatory requirements.

Couples and relationship therapy

  • Consultations are available in person only. It is best to come to therapy sooner than later, to give your relationship the best opportunity to move past difficulties, learn from mistakes, learn better ways of connecting/relating, and/or find out how to deepen love and thrive in your relationship!

Meditation for Mental Well-being Course – 6 weeks

  • Offered in person only. This course can assist those experiencing anxiety or emotional imbalances with strategies to self-soothe and build skills of discernment which can lead to, when practiced regularly, greater peace and equanimity.

Real Relating Course – 6 weeks

  • Offered in person only. This course may assist you to build skills to communicate and relate effectively, authentically and kindly.



  • Please express your interest in the courses via the website message box




What do you need to bring to consultations?

For sessions which attract Medicare rebates:

  • A referral from your Medical Physician including a Mental Health Treatment Plan
  • Medicare card

For all sessions:

  • Payment is to be made at each session or on the day of the session in cash or via internet banking, or otherwise agreed arrangement.
  • A journal to record strategies to practice at home and insights, and to use for reflective purposes.