My philosophy

The truth of who you are is typically veiled by inaccurate, negative beliefs of self, conditioned and habitual ways of being, as well as perceptions of the world, others and self that have been framed by emotional pains of the past. It takes a concerted effort to clean and clear the muddy waters of perceptions to reveal the inner gems of the real you. You are not the changeable waves of beliefs, thoughts, roles, emotions, actions, sensations and bodily characteristics, you are an ocean; a being that has constancy of consciousness which encompasses all this and more.

In summary…

​I’d like to assist you to cultivate a deeper and richer relationship with yourself through the therapeutic process. You also may be interested in learning mindfulness skills such as discernment, inner problem-solving (rationally dealing with arising emotions), self-soothing, self-forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, meditation and body/emotion-awareness. These skills may well assist you to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of yourself, thus supporting the growth of confidence, positivity and resilience. Over time, with the regular practice of mindfulness one can open to experiencing more sublime qualities of self, such as a deep peace and contentment.