My philosophy

Every person is deserving of mental health and well-being. The truth of who you are in mind, body and spirit, though, can be veiled by inaccurate, negative beliefs of self, and conditioned and habitual ways of being. It often takes a concerted effort in therapy to clean and clear the muddy waters of perceptions to reveal the inner gems of the real you. In other words, a therapist may assist you to identify and transform irrational or negative notions you have about yourself, assuage and perhaps heal emotional wounds of the past, as well as provide many other supports that may lead to greater personal agency, freedom, confidence, emotional balance, and mental peace. You may come to self-identify less in your anxiety and limiting thoughts and beliefs and more in what brings you joy and fulfillment. Accordingly, your experience of yourself may positively change. In essence, I believe that we are not the changeable waves of beliefs, thoughts, roles, emotions, actions, sensations and bodily characteristics, we are each an ocean; beings that have constancy of consciousness which encompasses all this and more.

In summary…

​I’d like to assist you to cultivate better mental health and well-being. This might involve overhauling negative self-judgements, finding ways to heal abuse or trauma from the past, or perhaps to better manage your emotional life, to name a few things. As part of this process you may learn mindfulness skills such as discernment, skills to manage emotions more rationally and effectively, self-soothing techniques, process old issues to gain greater insight and understanding, and improve capacities for grounded body/emotion-awareness. These skills may well assist you to feel more positively about who you are, and to regain a zest for living and loving life.