My philosophy

The truth of who you are is typically veiled by inaccurate, negative beliefs of self, conditioned and habitual ways of being, as well as perceptions of the world, others and self that have been framed by emotional pains of the past. It takes a concerted effort to clean and clear muddy perceptions to reveal the inner gems of brightness and joy, let alone the limitless abundance within. You are not the changeable waves of beliefs, thoughts, roles, emotions, actions, sensations and bodily characteristics, you are the ocean, your very own ocean of light.

How I may be able to help…

I can support you to use your skills of self-reflection and emotional literacy to transform the unhelpful ways of the little self to realising the real you – the vibrant, soulful and wondrous you.

  • Improve your confidence, feel happier and more in charge of your life
  • Cease being critical and negative towards yourself and find compassion, forgiveness and understanding for who you are
  • Change core beliefs of self to ones more positive, kind and accurate to the person you are, thereby building emotional resilience.
  • Gain more control over your mind’s busyness and chatter, and be more able to switch worrying off, and find peace and stillness
  • Learn how to make the mind work for you, and not against you. The mind can often convince you that something is true when it isn’t. I can assist you become more consciously discerning, and capable of choosing what you give attention to.
  • Learn how to ‘be in the moment’. Help build your capacity for more “beingness” (relishing/absorbing the experience being had in the moment) so that the “form-based” (living to time schedules, focused on practicalities) world we live in, is kept in check.
  • Most people need coaching as to how to sustainably live in a caring, loving, supportive and understanding relationship. I can assist couples, friends and family members to develop these skillsets.
  • Build an enduring, loving, compassionate relationship with yourself with the use of mindfulness and body-awareness.
  • Gain assistance to relate and communicate in open, honest, compassionate and considerate ways to those you love. This builds skills in expressing yourself with integrity, assertiveness, and with heart.


In summary…

​I’d like to assist you to cultivate a deeper and richer relationship with yourself through practicing discernment, inner problem-solving (rationally dealing with arising emotions), forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, and other mindful and body-aware strategies. This may well assist you to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of yourself, thus supporting the growth of confidence, positivity and resilience. Over time, when the body, emotions, and mind are sufficiently equanimous (calm) one can open to experiencing more sublime qualities of self, such as a radiant joy and lightness of being.