About Namita 

My Path to my Heart….

I have journeyed far into my inner world throughout this life. It has been a journey of coming to know who I am in the deepest and highest ways. Along the path I have encountered many aspects of, what I call, the little self: which is the experience of self-hatred, self-doubt, self-criticism, poor self-concept, core-beliefs of inadequacy, small mindedness, emotionalisms, mentalisms of all kinds, and projections upon others, in other words typical human foibles. I have successfully used many psychological tools, have done regular and varied meditations, and other spiritual practices over the years to transform the little self, clearing the way for me to experience more of the wonders of my true or higher Self. My relationship with myself, for example, these days is in stark contrast to that of myself as a youth: more accepting, understanding, kind, compassionate, patient and loving.

I’ve also had many teachers in the area of psychology, life and spirituality over the years who have supported me, of which I am incredibly grateful. They are too numerous to mention but include Irvin Yalom, Rollo May, Albert Ellis, through their writings and Peg Levine. I also have enormous gratitude to my spiritual teachers, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi and Ananda Tara Shan.

My spiritual life is what has sustained and inspired me in my day job as a psychologist. My meditative and reflective capacities have assisted me to refine my psychology practice, that I can truly be present with my clients and adjust the type and pitch of my interventions, to suit a client’s presentation, capacities and goals. I also can approach therapy with clients in a heart-centred way, that is, with compassion, acceptance, and with a will to understanding and appreciating a person’s uniqueness.

I have come to a place in my working life now, where I am most keen to work with those people who are searching to realise more of their own depths, who may not be satisfied any longer with the status quo of their lives. These are clients who may want to extract more juice out of life, more joy, meaning and/or purpose. These are clients who are also prepared to re-experience painful emotions in order to find insight, liberation from and peace with their past. I am also interested in working with those clients who want the freeing experiences of love for self, instead of the imprisoning ones of hate, doubt, shame or guilt. These clients will often have a spiritual frame to their life. With perseverance, it is possible to realise a much greater version of yourself, even a veritable wellspring.

I am a registered generalist psychologist with specialist training in Counselling Psychology. I have worked in many areas of psychology over the past 24 years, including all 3 levels of education, in outback indigenous communities, private practice, in relationship counselling, and community health. In more recent times, I have completed a Diploma in Spiritual Healing.