The Wellspring

Namita Trensky is a Gympie-based psychologist who focuses on the mind, body and spirit


My office is situated at

13 Barter Street, Gympie, Queensland, 4570

I am currently open to receiving new referrals


Telehealth and in-person sessions are available by appointment only

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The Way to the Wellspring Within…

The quality of your relationship with yourself is pivotal to mental health and well-being. If you are harboring self-doubts, self-loathing, belittling self-criticism or worse, your relationship with yourself will be suffering. You may have emotional or psychological wounds or traumas from the past, or be currently living in dangerous circumstances. These impact your emotional and mental health and so affects your relationship with self. When you have a trained therapist to support you reconcile pains of the past, overhaul unhelpful thoughts and beliefs about yourself and come to understand what has led to you being the way you are, you set yourself on a path to building a better relationship with self, because you become more forgiving, more understanding, more accepting of who you are. It is this royal road of self-discovery and healing that potentially may lead to a veritable wellspring within: such as a calm mind, new found confidence, unblocked creativity, uplifted mood, a spark for living again, feelings of hope and joy. It is important to find a trusted therapist who you can relate to and resonate with to support you on this journey. You are welcome to make an appointment with me to see if I am that person for you.

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I have now moved to Gympie, SE Queensland and have supervision consultations available for Psychologists and Counsellors at reasonable rates. You're welcome to get in touch to discuss your supervision needs. ... See MoreSee Less
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A NEW supervision group will be commencing in February for psychologists and counsellors in Daylesford. This facilitated group will be inclusive of a spiritual frame and will be face to face. There is a limit of 5 participants. Meetings will be monthly for 2 hours between Feb and Nov. You are welcome to apply. Please PM for more information as to pre-requisites for participation. 💛 Namita Trensky (accredited AHPRA psychologist supervisor) ... See MoreSee Less
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For those psychologists and therapists in need of more self-care skills... and couldn't we all do with some more self-care. Julie Walker is very talented at what she does... ... See MoreSee Less
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