The Wellspring

Namita Trensky


Psychology, meditation and group therapy to support you in realising the wondrousness of who you are


In western culture these days, our attention is almost constantly focused on external matters: circumstances of living, those of other people and the world, media of all kinds, screens, fashion and trends, work commitments, demands from others, responsibilities, relationships of all kinds, and so on. With that constancy of outer-focused attention, we are often sub-consciously searching for something: perhaps looking for meaning, joy, life satisfaction, a better self-esteem, confidence, acknowledgement of efforts, sense of purpose, to feel loved, to feel ok, to feel approved of, worthy etc. It does help enormously when we get that external attention we crave, but even when we do, ultimately it is you who needs to be able to give it to yourself. For that to happen, the headlights of your attention need to be turned inward, at least some of the time. Cultivating a rich, strong, loving relationship with self is the best immunity against mental illness, a great way to create a balanced life, and is an important foundation stone to accessing the spiritual wellspring within.

I invite you to consciously turn your attention to your inner world, to turn the light on to your feelings, your deepest thoughts, pains, views and experiences. I would be happy to assist you on your quest to realise that wellspring within.

The Way to the Wellspring Within…

The way to the wellspring within can be a rocky, windy road, that at times feels precarious and lonely, but is the most beautiful, joyful, preeminent path in life. It can require humility and courage, as we outgrow and let go of unhelpful habits, negative core beliefs, take responsibility for not so good behaviours, and feel/process deep emotional pains. This transformation can feel like the ego is being stripped away, but is actually a revisioning of who we actually are. With the letting go of ‘what we are not’ the gems of our real self are revealed. The radiant light of those gems can shine into our outer life, no longer obscured, no longer at odds with the false identifications of who we ‘thought’ we were. Right-seeing is restored. Priorities and what we hold as important are reconfigured and transformed to align with that inner truth, now uncontaminated by emotional and mental whims and irrationality. The relationship with self blossoms. Over time, self-love replaces self-hate, self-acceptance from self-repulsion, and self-forgiveness, compassion and joy become a more common experience. New capacities and motivations can emerge, such as a passion to work and act for something greater than you or something for the common good.

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